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2 08 2011
Michael J. Kasper

Glad that your gallery is getting under way. Wishing you the best in all you do in music and art! Would love to see some of your gallery if you could post some online if you haven’t already.

30 06 2012
jennah lear

Hello! I am a local designer/artist looking to expand my work beyond the cubical! I heard of your gallery from a colleague and am wondering if your taking on more artists. If you could email me back any information I would appreciate it.

20 07 2012
Garner Lewis

I would like to know what you require to submit my art and my husbands art for consideration of an exhibition. Please email me with this info. or you can call me at 216 799-4186. Thank you. Garner Lewis

15 08 2012
Josh LIfe

Hello my name is josh life I am an artist I have a habit of painting canvas andnhordingnit lost a lot of my art works in a house fire a few months back I saved a dozen or so of my work… NOw I know I need to let other enjoy my work as well wanted to know how to show you my work and if it is something you would display in your gallery…. Want my work out there… Thanks for any help you can offer….

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