“Who the Hell is Josh Usmani”

“Who the Hell is Josh Usmani” is both a question and a statement about the final exhibition at (art)ificial gallery opening Saturday, August 20th from 6-9pm.  “It’s a valid question too…and why should you care for that matter?” Josh Usmani says, “4 years ago, I quit my job, ruined my credit and disappointed countless family members. I realized I was an artist. Don’t worry, it’s not contagious.”  “Who the Hell is Josh Usmani” features over two dozen works created by 26-year-old, Cleveland-native, Josh Usmani.  Since 2008, his work has been featured in over 30 group gallery exhibitions and three juried exhibitions, including 2nd place in Red Bull’s “Gripped Canvas” skate deck art competition (2009) and “Best Work on Paper” (Drawing/Printmaking combined) in Cleveland State University’s 40th Annual Student Art Show (2011).   Using traditional media such as ink, colored pencils, markers, acrylic paint and ball-point pen, his content varies from light-hearted, improvised, stream-of-consciousness to intense social and political commentary.  “My work reflects my perspective of reality.  I see a lot of beauty and magic all around me, but I also recognize the illusions and distractions that keep some people from finding inner happiness and reaching their full potential.  My goal is for my work to represent the idea that this potential exists within each of us when we believe in ourselves and to put a spotlight on the parts of modern society that defy logic.” he says.  The term Pop Surrealism best describes his work, but it’s a mutated hybrid of many influences creating something completely unique.  Some of the pieces in this show have hundreds of hours invested in the process creating complexity, detail and layers rarely seen.  His patience, determination and passion shine through in his work; reflecting his love for his craft and his sincere appreciation for the time he has to spend on it.

“Who The Hell is Josh Usmani?” runs from Saturday, August 20th to Friday, September 2nd with an opening reception from 6-9 and an After-Party at Mullen’s on Madison (21+), located next to the gallery.

For more information on the show contact:

Josh Usmani at josh.usmani@gmail.com

(art)ificial gallery at (216)227-8840

Breakneck Gallery at sean@breakneckgalley.com

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