Small Business Saturday Sale!!

30 11 2013

Small Business Saturday Sale!!

Celebrate Small Business Saturday with us at Breakneck today till 8pm! Free Coffee and Donuts for all customers! All Breakneck prints are on sale for $10 (normally $15) or 3 of them for $25!! Support local art and business!!!

This is the Way the World Ends – - CHOD Solo Exhibition

3 11 2013

This is the Way the World Ends

(CHOD Solo Exhibition)

The End is Nigh. On November 9th get a peek at the end of days depicted by Lakewood artist CHOD. “This is the Way the World Ends” is the first solo exhibit from the artist in three years. It will run from November 9th through December 6th at Breakneck Gallery, 17020 Madison Ave, Lakewood Oh, 44107 ( The show covers everything from Day Zero to Judgment Day. Dead celebrities, The Four Horsemen and the protagonist ‘Kitty Death’ help lead you through the rise and fall of man. Everything must come to an end. The opening reception will be on November 9th 2013 from 6 PM to 10 PM (Or until the place is overrun with locusts, whichever comes first.)

Also come to check out the mural outside of Breakneck Gallery that CHOD created earlier in the summer.

For information about the Breakneck Gallery please contact Sean or Kristen Burns at or

For information about “This is the Way the World Ends” contact CHOD at or 216-246-5382.

For information about CHOD check out his website

An after party will take place at Spitfire Saloon, 1539 W 117th St, Cleveland, OH 44107 ( following the reception.

The Rock Show!

2 10 2013

Artists and musicians should go together like PB&J, but don’t always seem to find each other. The idea behind “The Rock Show” at Breakneck Gallery was to bring the two worlds together in the local Cleveland scene. A large group of local artists were assigned a local band by a random lottery and asked to create a “gig style” poster for that band. The show hopes to serve as not just an interesting art show, but also as a mixer of sorts for local artists and bands to meet each other and possibly make connections for the future.

The opening reception will be held Saturday, October 5th from 6 to 10 pm with food, drinks, music, and of course ART!
There will be a 21+  After Party at the Spitfire Saloon 1539 W. 117th featuring performances by the bands All Dinosaurs and Punching Moses (two of the bands covered in the poster show).

Art DeckOFlyer

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Lisastarchild Pinkston of SLEEPY ROBOT 13

26 09 2013

Chances are if you have been to a show at Breakneck Gallery you have seen the small, silver robots in the glass case. You know, the super adorable ones?

I recently was able to ask the maker of these fine robots, Lisastarchild, a few questions as she prepared for her upcoming show at Breakneck Gallery this Saturday, September 28th.

The show will feature over one hundred unique and limited edition robots from Sleepy Robot 13 and is highly anticipated.

Lisa was initially taken by surprise at the success of the success of her robots, but she now has a loyal following of collectors for her quirky, little robots. She even had a wholesale order placed by Borders bookstore for 500 of her zombie figurines. She unfortunately had to decline because she didn’t have enough hands to help her make them all by the deadline. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise because Borders went out of business shortly after.

B: Tell me about yourself.

L: Eh, there’s not much to tell about me.  I started sculpting when I was about 8 or 9 years old. My mom did ceramics and tried to get me interested in that. I was impatient and didn’t care for the excess time it took for a finished piece. I started fooling around with my mom’s stash of polymer clays, making little monsters and mini food replicas. When I saw the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas I was hooked to clay and sculpting. I didn’t go to college or art school after high school. Nothing really appealed to me at that time, plus I didn’t get enough units of art in high school to apply to the schools I wanted to. I took a break from sculpting when I was 18 so I could face the real world. I took on 2 full time jobs. It wasn’t until I was 23 that I picked it back up after losing my job and needing to make a little income to keep my bills paid while I was on the employment hunt. I opened my first Etsy shop and started selling handmade kitsch jewelry.

I started sculpting little monster figures again and listing them in the shop. They were a slow sell. After a three day crafting binge I was down to only a pack of silver clay left. Half asleep, I decided to sculpt a little robot nodding off. This robot would eventually become my logo and the namesake of my business.


B: Why Breakneck?

L: Breakneck is unique and casual enough to invite a wide variety of art lovers and make everyone feel comfortable. Plus, Kristen and Sean are amazing to work with. Both being artists themselves, they just get it.

Lisa lives in Lakewood with her English bulldog, Remy LeBeau. For more information on Lisa and Sleepy Robot 13, check out the following links:

Interesting Factoids:

B: What art supply can you not live without?

L: Polymer Clay –Sculpey, occasionally Fimo.

B: What artist, alive or dead, would you collaborate with if you could? Why?

L: Definitely Frank Kozik. His work is amazing. Everything from his poster work to his vinyl toys are unique and they appeal to a wide variety of people. The man himself also just seems like he would be a great guy to sit down and have a conversation with.

Pixels & Pigments/ Do you even Robot?

14 09 2013

PP Side One

sleepy robot Side Two


Pixels & Pigments/ Do you even Robot?

Breakneck Gallery
17020 Madison Ave. Lakewood, Ohio 44107
Opening & Artist Reception: Saturday, September 28th, 6pm-10pm
*Both events are one night only*

Hashtag Nerd partners with local gallery to showcase niche nerd works

Genre and popular culture website Hashtag Nerd announces its first event, art show “Pixels and Pigments”, to take place on September 28 from 6 to 10 p.m. at Breakneck Art Gallery in Lakewood, Ohio. The event will showcase nerd art across various mediums, including prints, paintings and toys.

“I noticed over the past few years that there is a lot of nerdy art out there, but it’s piecemeal at art shows surrounded by works that aren’t considered nerdy,” says Phil Hoyt, Hashtag Nerd co- founder. “Nobody was saying ‘Hey, this is specifically nerdy art. Why isn’t there a show for it?’ So I decided to fill that need.”

People who enjoy this type of art will have the benefit of finding it in one place at the show – unlike Hoyt, who says it took him four years to find enough pieces he liked to decorate one hallway of his home. His search, however, gave him a portfolio of artists to call upon. Pixels and Pigments will feature artists Jeff Hulligan, Kyle Harlan, Billy Ludwig, Heather Huotari, Sergio Andujar, Rick Sans and Ben Howards.

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet the artists, as well as enjoy complimentary refreshments.

“Every time I walk down my hallway, I focus on one piece of art and think how I got it, why it’s so important to me and how someone else cared about the character so much that they took the time to create their own interesting interpretation,” Hoyt says. “I hope others nerd out at the show and find pieces that evoke the same reflections.”

About Hashtag Nerd: Hashtag Nerd is a multi-platform site dedicated to providing genre and popular culture news and product reviews.  For more information, visit

Also that same evening, taking over the other half of Breakneck Gallery, will be the “Do You Even Robot?”  showcase. Local sculptor and art toy maker Lisastarchild Pinkston (aka Sleepy Robot 13) will be filling the place with over 100 one of a kind and limited edition robot figurines and art work (with many of the hand sculpted robots depicting characters from nerd culture as well).

Both shows are a one night only event not to be missed!

There will be a 21+ after party at the Spitfire Saloon 1539 W.117th St. with live music from OC45, Odd Alibi, and T.C.F.H.

Breakneck Gallery

17020 Madison Ave Lakewood, OH 44107

If you’d like more information about this event, please call Phil Hoyt at 440-488-8559 or email at

For more information about Breakneck Gallery please call 216-767-5610 or contact

Artist Spotlight: Eric Kaplan

26 08 2013

Our artist spotlight this month is on Eric Kaplan. Not only is Eric a really good friend of ours, he is an amazingly talented artist as well.  Our resident social media chick Brandi recently sat down with Eric and his wonderful girlfriend Theresa for a candid interview at their adorable house in Lakewood, Ohio. Cupcakes were eaten, wine was drunk, and many swear words ensued.


Eric Kaplan is a really nice guy. Like super nice. He also has a certain look about him. If you saw him out at a store chances are you would assume that he was a sea captain, a cowboy, a biker or a tattoo artist. One of those assumptions would be right.

Some of Eric’s earliest memories are of drawing. He says has pretty much been drawing since he was very little. When I asked him about it, his girlfriend Theresa added, “Your mom said you refused to go to kindergarten unless you had a new picture drawn everyday for your teacher. Didn’t you run into an old teacher who still had the pictures you had drawn her?” Eric laughed and nodded in agreement. Clearly he made an impact on his teachers even at a young age. He eventually attended school at Youngstown State and graduated with a degree in Fine Art.

Eric is also a tattoo artist at Voodoo Monkey tattoo in Cleveland, Ohio. When asked if he always knew he wanted to be a tattoo artist, he said no. Originally he thought he would go into character design for an animation/special effects studio. When he started to get tattoos early on he would draw his own designs and bring them into the shop to his artist. It dawned on him that he could also get paid to tattoo his own designs on other people and the rest is history.

When asked about his style of artwork, Eric definitely says his work is more comic book and cartoon oriented. Some lowbrow humor is thrown in there for good measure. In his own words about whether he thinks his art could be considered contemporary he replied, “You know, I just draw the shit I draw. I almost failed art history, I am not someone who walks around and knows the names of all the different styles of art.”

When asked why Breakneck? Eric responds, “Aside from the fact that the owners are two of my best friends?” He laughs, “They let me turn in art super late! But seriously, all the shows are fun; it’s not some snooty gallery. Artists can be fucking pretentious, man. There, little kids can run around and look at art.  It’s down to Earth.”

Eric’s artistic inspirations come from stuff he knows.  Comic books, his pug Quincy, Predator and Alien movies, cowboys, movies, mostly Sci Fi, and lots of tattoos artists.

As to the medium he prefers? Skin or Canvas? Eric thinks there is a certain aesthetic for each medium. It depends on the idea at the time. “There are certain tattoos I would never paint. If it came down to it and I had to choose one, I would choose tattooing. There is an immediacy to it that I like. 2 to 3 hours and it’s done. Painting and drawing, particularly painting, I second guess and evaluate everything the more I look at it. With a tattoo, maybe you never see it again.”


So, would he give it all up to be a sea captain? “No. I recently found out I don’t handle boats well. Now if I could be a cowboy . . .”


Interesting factoids:

 Artist (alive or dead) Eric would work with if he had the chance?

Jim Henson. “I love doing tattoos of little animals. I think the idea of working/collaborating with him to make a character with someone like him would be fucking awesome. “

Art supplies he can’t live without:

Micron Pens and Prismacolor Colored Pencils



See more of Eric’s work at our upcoming show Distorted Portraits on Saturday, August 31st, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

For info on Voodoo Monkey, and to see more of Eric’s tattoo work check out:

Upcoming show: Distorted Portraits

17 08 2013

Art DeckOFlyer

Breakneck Gallery Presents “Distorted Portraits”
17020 Madison Ave. Lakewood, Ohio 44107
Opening & Artist Reception: August 31st From 6pm to 10pm
Show runs from August 31st till September 20th

The art of portraiture has been as fundamental to art history as breathing is to life. Portraits document our history and provide a glimpse into the mind of the artist as well as the subject.

On August 31st Breakneck Gallery will be presenting its twist on the art of portraiture with “Distorted Portraits”.

A well-executed portrait is expected to show the inner essence of the subject from the artist’s point of view, and the artists in this show have non-traditional points of view. Whether using twisting facial renderings, exploding features, or whimsical drawings this showcase will be a collection of creepy, twisted, and/or off kilter portraiture. Featuring works by Nathan Kemr, CHOD, Sean Burns, Billy Ludwig, Oliver App, Eric Kaplan, Liz Adams and a handful of our other favorite local artists.

There will be an opening reception Saturday August 31st from 6pm-10pm with food, drinks, and as always ART!!!

There will be a 21+ after party held at the  Spitfire Saloon 1539 W.117th St. Cleveland, Ohio

For more information about Breakneck Gallery please visit our website at

or contact Kristen Burns at or call 216-767-5610


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