Fame Shame Blame Game

26 08 2014


Comic book artist (Gary Dumm) and Pop art painter (Laura Dumm) have spent the past year creating 9 paintings (at least 36” square). Each work is a synergetic depiction of their rather critical views of the present wacky world in which we live.

Gary says: “We’re not deconstructing Pop art, we’re ‘reconstructing’ it in the face of the Post-Modernist ethic, while adding a dash of the surreal to help spice up the visual games being played.”

Watching the news every night before dinner earlier this year, they both remarked, “That would make a great painting,” or “We could bring that issue to light in a colorful way,” until finally they said, “How about creating a whole show with this kind of vibe?!” So their current show, “The Fame Shame Blame Game” was born.

They both work on the same canvases, contributing together their individual best. Their process is to brainstorm ideas, then Gary begins sketching (followed by critical discussion), then he refines the drawings further (more discussion) and transfers those final drawings to canvas. He then hands that canvas off to Laura, who does the lion’s share of the painting. If Laura needs help tweaking something, Gary has been known to actually pick up a brush and add some color, but he quips, “If it were up to me the whole world would be done in glorious black & white!” (Ordinarily, due to his comic book duties, he works only in black & white.)

Working this way has changed the way they usually do things. “I have to count on Gary to have the next canvas ready for me when I finish a painting,” says Laura. “And if a problem crops up we both discuss it and come up with a solution. Two heads are definitely better than one.”

Utilizing current issues they also took board games from the 50’s-60’s like “Candy Land” and “Chutes & Ladders” and reworked them with more than a little black humor to be more reflective of today’s problems. Their updated “Chutes & Ladders” is a moralizing version (as was the original 16th century game from India) and “Candy Land” has morphed into “Drug Land.” Both paintings will be available as board games that can be played at the opening.

Another new painting, “More – Is Never Enough,” gave them an idea to entice viewers to come to the show: the first 100 people will get real cash at the door. The money will also have a little artistic “Clue” on it…another game???

This show of wild art done in tandem will run the month of September with an closing reception September 27th from 6:00 to 10:00 pm. Be there or be square!!

Laura & Gary

Toybox Cleveland

19 07 2014

toyboxcle_flyerToybox Cleveland is an art and designer toy show featuring all new original and customized toys. Made from vinyl, resin, felt, plush, clay, wood, and other media, the show is sure to have something for everyone. While the show highlights artists from Cleveland and the surrounding region, it also features work from artists all around the world. The opening reception at Breakneck Gallery on Saturday August 9th is sure to captivate and excite the avid art collector as well as kids of all ages.
Even if you cant make it to the opening the show will run through August 30th and work will be available for sale online.
For more information visit www.toyboxcleveland.com

Breakneck Gallery Presents: Cousins

21 06 2014

cousins flyer

22 05 2014

Bike show flyer

Breakneck Gallery Presents
Spokes and Strokes:
A Collection of Cleveland Bike Art
Opening & Artist Reception: June 14th From 6pm to 10pm
Show runs from June 14th through July 5th
17020 Madison Ave. Lakewood, Ohio 44107

As the seasons cycle from spring into summer it got us at Breakneck thinking about another type of cycling.  Spokes and Strokes: A Collection of Cleveland Bike Art is a show of artwork by cleveland area artists about, involving, or incorporating bicycles and their parts.  Whether it is beauty found in the gears and spokes or the view while riding, it is a show sure to interest even the most novice cyclist and hopefully inspire them to get out on their bikes and enjoy the art all around them.  Those who ride their bikes to the show will also receive a special freebie while supplies last.
Opening reception Saturday June 14th from 6-10pm.
Can’t make it to the opening? Show runs till July 5th.
21+ After party at the Spitfire Saloon 1539 W.117th St.  http://www.punkrockbar.com

For more information about Breakneck Gallery please go to http://www. breakneckgallery.com or contact Kristen Burns at Kristen@breakneckgallery.com or call 216-767-5610

Gallery Hours:
Wednesday-Friday 4pm-7pm
Saturday 2pm-8pm
all other times by appointment or luck

“Where’s My Jetpack? 3″

26 04 2014


Breakneck Gallery Presents
“Where’s My Jetpack? 3″
An artistic exploration of science fiction themes
May 3rd

17020 Madison Ave. Lakewood, Ohio 44107
Opening & Artist Reception: May 3rd From 6pm to 10pm
Show runs from May 3rd through may 31st

We here at Breakneck Gallery love science fiction. So much so that Saturday, May 3rd we will be presenting our third Science fiction themed art show “Where’s my Jetpack? 3. In the past “Where’s My Jetpack?” has focused on nostalgia for the sci-fi of the 60’s and 70’s, This year however, we have opened it up to more contemporary and pop culture imagery including Doctor Who, The Gremlins, and Star Wars. Please join us in exploring and celebrating the work of local artist who have been inspired Sci-fi and Sci-fi culture.

Refreshments for “Where’s My Jetpack? 3″ will be provided by
Cleveland ConCoction
2014 Convention:
May 30th – June 1st, 2014

An opening reception will be held Saturday  May 3rd from 6pm-10pm. There will be food, drinks, fun, and of course ART!

Can’t make it to the opening? Show runs till May 31st.

Breakneck Gallery
17020 Madison Ave.
Lakewood, Ohio

Gallery Hours:
Wednesday 4-8pm
Thursday 4-8pm
Friday: 4-9pm
Saturday 2-9pm
other times by appointment

Presentation Dating!

22 04 2014

 Presentation Dating! (Led by Rahul Saggar)
Rahul Saggar is no stranger to failure, especially in dating.  Revealing his numerous rejections has led to “Presentation Dating!“, a method to find a date for people who have trouble exposing themselves and all their beautiful date-ability in normal life.  For example: imagine a cozy gallery, where half the guests get up “onstage” for a few minutes each to “present” themselves to the room as a single person trying to find someone to date… and then prepare to fall in love (or lust) with the crazy variety and funny honesty / dishonesty of presentations, in this on-going Brooklyn NY born experiment in mating rituals .   Powerpoint, interpretive dance, guitar solos, stand-up, an African-safari seminar, and all sorts of other indescribable presentations have happened. The only rules are you should be single to present (anyone can attend), and you must go under ten minutes.   As a Cleveland native, Rahul wants to bring this back to his motherland since NY has trouble appreciating his wholesome Midwestern values.  Humbly present yourself along him at Breakneck Gallery Saturday April 26th from 7-9pm and expand your world or just observe a fertile dating meadow. There’ll be some beer and wine to destroy your awful inhibitions. It’s comfy and casual and strange. Come present or just cheer on the weirdos!

It’s Free!!
Breakneck Gallery
17020 Madison Ave.
Lakewood, Ohio

Email presentationdating@gmail.com for RSVP

OH, Captain!

27 03 2014

At Breakneck Gallery we love Captain America. We Love Cleveland. We love that the last Captain America movie was filmed in Cleveland. Above all these things we love art. It was only natural for us to come to the conclusion of hosting a Captain America themed art show. OH, Captain! opens Saturday April 5th(conveniently Winter Soldier’s opening weekend) featuring works from over 20 local artists including: CHOD, Bob Peck, Eric Kaplan, Sean Burns, R!ch, Jim Giar, Jon Allen, Gary and Laura Dumm, and so many more. In addition to all the works inside, The Rustbelt Monster Collective will be doing a live mural painting outside the gallery that will be added to the collection upon completion. The action doesn’t stop there. Carol and John’s Comic Book Shop is sponsoring a raffle of awesome Captain America related Prizes! As if that wasn’t enough, because it is one of his favorites and a story he would like to share with Cleveland, John (of CnJ’s) has also decided to hand out a free hardcover copy of “Captain America- The New Deal” to the first 100 people to show up to the opening!

There will be an opening reception Saturday April 5th from 6pm-10pm with food, drinks (also sponsored by CnJ’s),fun, photo ops, and as always ART! Show runs till April 26th.

There will be a 21+ after party held at the Spitfire Saloon 1539 W.117th St. With live music from Suicide Ghouls / Dead Federation / The Drexels

Oh Captain Flyer


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