The Abstract

7 11 2012


Breakneck Gallery
17020 Madison Ave. Lakewood, Ohio 44107
Opening & Artist Reception: November 17th From 6pm to 10pm
Show runs from November 17th until Friday December 7th


For most of human history sculpture, drawing and painting were the only means of documenting the visual aspects of the world around us. Photos and videos are now able to record the likeness of the world around us with amazing detail. But what is it like to strip away the representational aspects of images and concentrate instead on the forms, colors, textures, movement and composition. The Abstract is a showcase of selected artists from the cleveland area who are taking these aspects and using them to create amazing works of art.


The opening & artist reception will be held Saturday, November 17th, From 6pm to 10pm. There will be Food, Drinks, Fun and of course ART!!!


Featuring work by:
Bob Peck
Mark Thomas
Dott Von Schneider
Shannan Shipley


There will be a 21+ after party held at the Spitfire Saloon 1539 W.117th
with performances by the Red Hot Heathens, Bedlam Bettie, and Treatment Bound.


The Abstract will open Saturday, November 17th 2012 at Breakneck Gallery.


For information about the Breakneck gallery please contact Sean Burns at or 216-233-3326


Gallery Hours: 
Wednesday: 4-8pm
Thursday: 4-8pm
Friday: 4-9pm
Saturday: 2- 9pm
All other times by appointment, or luck.



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